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Pub Fights with Famous Politicians

You’re in a pub with a famous politician and someone picks a fight with you. What happens next?

Paul Nuttall decks the guy before he can get a punch in. The situation escalates and in no time the whole pub is fighting.

Jeremy Corbyn patiently explains that, if you really understood the history of the conflict, you’d see that the other guy was in the right.

Tim Farron tries to change the guy’s mind by telling the guy that when he started picking the fight, he didn’t really understand what it would involve.

Nigel Farage puts on a show of friendship, buys the guy a pint, then gets the landlord to throw him out and bar him.

Nicola Sturgeon says the fight has nothing to do with her and insists she should ask how many of her mates agree.

Theresa May snaps her fingers. Demonic hordes materialise and eviscerate your opponent leaving him bloodied and paralysed. Providing medical assistance proves impossible as you no longer have an A&E department. Nonetheless the DWP declares him fit for work. In return for her services, May takes your pint and gives it to her millionaire husband.

Donald Trump agrees to negotiate with your opponent on your behalf. In the end they agree that they can both punch you a dozen times.


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