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Film Log: Star Trek Into Darkness

Details here

This film starts in the middle of the action, with Kirk and Bones being pursued by angry natives, and the action never really lets up. It’s visually very impressive, but there are no lingering camera shots showing off the special effects – almost every moment is used in telling the story.

The story itself is a bit rag-tag, and at times it isn’t clear who knew what and who deceived whom, but there are no inconsistencies and it makes up in energy what it lacks in clarity. The script plays predictably with Spock’s lack of emotion and Kirk’s dedication to his instincts, but doesn’t linger here (or indeed anywhere else).

The film re-imagines material from the original series and movies and here I couldn’t help feel it was a little too clever; the emotion of the final minutes was obscured because one couldn’t help sense the presence of the author, orchestrating echoes of familiar material. Of course, to anyone unfamiliar with the franchise, this wouldn’t matter at all.

In its conclusion, the film says some pleasingly liberal humanist things about America’s relationship with terrorism and justice, re-articulating the values of the original series and (more so) Next Generation. It’s a shame no-one had the courage to make it ten years ago.


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