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Film Log: Apollo 18

Details here

This film starts by saying that it has been edited together from NASA footage, and that’s the first of its many problems. Clearly we’re not meant to believe this – there’s no possibility that the footage is genuine – so presumably the use of what looks like archive footage (grainy film, odd aspect ratios and the like) is a stylistic device. But as a stylistic device, it does little or nothing to help the story: while it could introduce a sense of claustrophobia or ambiguity, in fact the availability of the cameras is contrived to give very much the same series of shots we would expect from conventional camera work, just grainy and in odd aspect ratios.

The story is nothing to write home about. It can’t decide whether it’s a limited sort of slasher flick or an Andromeda Strain style government-against-the-little-guy thriller, and doesn’t really work as either. The archive footage conceit means that the dialogue is necessarily mundane and naturalistic and the action rather limited, so there’s really nothing to compensate for this basic weakness. It’s good to see SyFy regulars Warren Christie and Ryan Robbins on the big screen, but we can only hope they find better projects than this to move on to.

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