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Film Log: 1408

Details here.

There are basically two sorts of horror film – those that provide an explanation for the phenomena they present us with (Indian burial ground, disturbed adolescent etc) and those that explore instead the impact of those phenomena on the people caught up in them. Fans of the former (like myself) tend to find the latter frustrating, and this film is no exception, with John Cusack finding himself in a haunted hotel room which presents him with a series of horrors, mostly from his own past, leading him to a dark and pessimistic conclusion, for no apparent reason.

If you’re willing to put that aside (or you like this kind of horror), then there’s quite a lot to like about this film. The horror elements are good and escalate nicely, although the suspense and creepiness of the early part of the film are lost somewhat when things really get going. Cusack does an excellent job at keeping us engaged when he is basically on screen alone for most of the movie and the script reveals his past and his emotional journey thoughtfully and skilfully.


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