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Film Log: 51

Details here.

This is a good, solid B-movie and a pleasant if completely unremarkable way to waste a couple of hours. Area 51 is, apparently, chock full of captured aliens who escape and run amok on the very day the military have invited a couple of reporters into the facility, and it falls to the plucky but flawed air force personnel to throw themselves into the line of fire and set things right so that at least a few of the civilians can escape the base before the self-destruct goes off. There are hints of conspiracies within conspiracies, bluffs and double bluffs and all sorts of deceits and deceptions, all of which make very pleasing plot-propelling nonsense but none of which are ever really explored or resolved. Fans of Bruce Boxleitner will enjoy him reprising much the same role he plays in everything other than Tron.

The one unusual – and quite pleasing – thing about this film is the contrast between the main action of the plot with quite long scenes with two of the air force personnel talking about their past and their jobs. This has a sort of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern feel about it and provides a very natural way for the film to adopt a more reflective tone than you might expect from the genre. Not qutie a stroke of genius, but I’d like to see the writers get a chance to develop this idea elsewhere.


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One Response

  1. Jim St Ruth says:

    Great review as always.

    Bruce Boxleitner’s appearance was a pleasant surprise, and a joy as always; I am a bit of a fan.

    You’re right, it was good B-movie fare, and completely enjoyable; more enjoyable than several A-movies that we’ve seen recently, and with better plotting, action scenes, characters and drama too… Cowboys and Aliens, I’m looking at you with a sad frown.

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