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Finding Paris (Poem)

I always hoped that I would live
Some count of my allotted days
In Paris; and I saw myself
On baking August afternoons
A glass of cool pastis in hand
Committing deep and complex thoughts
To paper at a writing desk
In some small left bank flat, a broken
Down old manual typewriter
My muse and my companion.
On cooler evenings I would walk
The busy streets in search of love
Adventure and a mystery
And having tired the night would find
Myself in some small smoky bar
To toast the rosy fingered dawn
With friends who never seemed to eat
But lived on nervous energy,
Panache, ideas, and cigarettes.

The Paris of my dreams is not
The capital of France, nor any
Country reachable by air; I
Might as well attempt to visit
1934 or try to
Drive to ancient Egypt. No;
The city of my vision is
As much a thing of fiction as
The person that I like to think
I’d be while I was there – a place
Of intrigue and excitement for
A person without care or woes
No simple city this of people
Living ordinary lives, their
Days marked out by metro rides
And sandwiches and coffee cups.

So let us make our Paris here
And let us dare to be the ones
Who walk the streets and taste the night
Who seek adventures in the dark
Who think and talk and plot and plan
And let us leave behind, today,
The bills, the work, the pots and pans
And drink dark bitter coffee, smoke
Gitanes and speak of love and art
And truth and revolutions; let us
Paint a painting, write a poem
And turn the lounge into a dive bar
Gather all our friends together
Tire the night with talk and laughter
Whispering desire and hope and
Kindling long-forgotten dreams

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2 Responses

  1. Jim St Ruth says:

    I love your poem… makes me dream 🙂

  2. Jez says:

    Lovely stuff Paul x

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