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Three Reasons I’m Voting Yes

1. If what you’re doing isn’t working, try something else

Lots of politicians have recently been talking about our politics being broken, and I’m inclined to agree with them. So what we’re doing isn’t working. AV is a chance to try something else. Perhaps it will be an improvement, perhaps it will make no difference; but to carry on doing what you’ve always done and expect a different result is a sign of madness.

This argument wouldn’t apply, of course, if there was a good chance that AV would be worse than FPTP, but there’s no evidence of that; much more likely is that it will make no real difference.

2. AV is more sensitive to voter preferences

As a geek, I value the fact that AV gathers more information from voters than FPTP, and its outcomes reflect voter support for candidates better. In a field of eight candidates, AV uses five times as much information about what voters want.

3. I just plain don’t like the No campaign

There are real arguments for keeping FPTP, but the No campaign has not advanced them; instead, it has run a campaign based on Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, and in some cases, outright deception. It has attempted to manipulate people’s anxiety and ignorance, has tried to cloud the issues, obfuscate the debate, and pander to personal unpopularity rather than things that count. These people are profoundly anti-democratic and should not be steering our electoral process.

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  1. Tal Michael says:

    Spot on paul. The way I see it, where 40% of voters favour one candidate, AV gives everyone else the chance to agree on someone they prefer. Usually they won’t but its right for them to have a chance and in the process hopefully more people will get involved

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