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Film Log: Legion

Details here.

Set in an isolated diner near LA this film has a distinctly American iconography which adds a degree of style to what is otherwise Supernatural – The Movie. The hapless inhabitants are cut down one by one as they try to help an archangel defend an unborn child who looks a lot like the Messiah (although the mythology is never made this explicit) against hordes of the possessed, and along the way they offer each other a variety of observations on the nature of love, life and happiness.

The balance between action, danger and cod philosophy is well maintained, however, and apart from dragging a little in the middle (where we are basically waiting for people to be killed off) the whole piece is eminently watchable. The fights are convincing and there is enough gore to satisfy the casual horror fan, and while none of the performances really shine there’s a casual believability to all the characters which fits with the mundane setting and contrasts the apocalyptic themes nicely.


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