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Film Log: Despicable Me (and Megamind)

Details here and here.

Despite being a fairly formulaic villain-finds-redemption-through-love flick, Despicable Me manages to be engaging and entertaining more-or-less throughout. There’s nothing remarkable about the plot or the characters, but there are enough comic touches and entertaining details to make an otherwise predictable tale funny and enjoyable. Having Julie Andrews playing The Mother is just icing on the cake.

Megamind has a slightly more interesting basic conceit – while the protagonist of Despicable Me struggles to succeed as a supervillain, Megamind defeats his nemesis and is left, so to speak, all dressed up with nowhere to go. What follows, like Despicable Me, is completely predictable. But where Despicable Me manages to make the trip pleasant and undemanding, Megamind is written as if we might actually not know what was coming next and tries to get some drama and suspense going. The result is so tedious and cringe-inducing that I haven’t been able to watch the film all the way through, despite three attempts.



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