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Film Log: How to Train Your Dragon

Details here

This is a very enjoyable, if entirely formulaic comedy in the “the robot is not your enemy” mold. In it, the protagonist befriends and tames an injured dragon thereby transforming his clan from bloodthirsty dragon-killers into dragon-loving eco-enthusiasts just bursting to invent the Green Party. Along the way he leads the whole lot into war against the tyranical superdragon, liberating dragons and villagers alike, making his name as a hero and winning the girl.

All this happens in a pleasantly predictable way which gives writers, cast and animators plenty of room to enjoy themselves, resulting in an engaging and entertaining piece with plenty of laughs, some enjoyable action sequences and none of the cringe-making moments which scripts like this are sometimes wont to have. Nothing in this film will surprise you, but if the premise appeals and you want something to watch on a weekend afternoon, it won’t disappoint either.


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