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Film Log: It’s a Wonderful Afterlife

Details here.

Despite its dark conceit (serial murder, romances arranged from beyond the grave) and slapstick opening (a man exploding as a result of eating too much chilli), this turns out to be a fairly by-the-numbers ugly-duckling-gets-prince romantic comedy. It pokes gentle fun at English attitudes to Indian culture but otherwise doesn’t have much to say beyond its formula. Within these limits, though, the film does very well: the characters are all likeable, the plot (granted its supernatural premise) is well constructed and credible, and the acting is very watchable.

There’s a wonderful horror parody sequence about two-thirds the way through which is remarkable not for what happens but because the set up is just beautiful – you won’t see it coming until it’s upon you. The downside of this is that the ingenuity of these few minutes puts the rest of the script somewhat to shame. Still, if feel-good romantic comedies are your bag and you’re looking for something a little different, this one is worth a look.


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