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App to Sync Windows Playlists on Android

Windows Media Player 11 doesn’t recognise some Android phones as media devices. This means that when you synchronise playlists with your phone, it copies the media files but not the playlist itself.

I’ve written a Windows application, androsync, to get round this problem. Androsync copies WMP 11 playlists (.wpl format) to the phone along with the necessary media files, and modifies the playlist file to use the copied files rather than the originals.

It is now, and probably ever shall be, in beta. If you would like to try it (subject to all the usual caveats of it not being thoroughly tested, your not suing me etc) then please contact me at [paul at jimandpaul dot com].


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  1. Jim St Ruth says:

    Paul developed this for me, as I love to listen to music when I’m out and about on the phone… but the lack of playlist copying from Media Player sucked big time.

    Thanks Paul!!!!

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