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For GC

You fought with death
Not in the lingering of your final years
But in your way of finding
Joy in everything. You
Inspired us, and outraged us and
We miss you still, these many years
Since you became
Just dust and ashes.
I realised too late how much I loved you.
Now in memorial
Your fellow travellers in life embrace
The bleakness of our destination
And revel in the journey
Defiant flickering points of light
In hard eternal darkness
Inconsequential miracles
We are born alone, we die alone but
In between we live the
Ineliminable wonder of knowing
One another
And now we raise
A glass, and take the fight to death
We make our shouts of
Celebration battle cries;
Let a thousand acts
Of kindness hail
Down from the sky like arrows
And the beating of our hearts
Shall be the battle drums


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