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Film Log: The A-Team

Details here

Not by any means the gung-ho fluff-fest one might expect, this film tries to be a little more intelligent than the series, filling in the back story of the team and saying a little (in a Men Who Stare at Goats sort of way) about combat, loyalty, and the Iraq war. Neeson’s thoughtful Hannibal gives the film a bit more depth than it would have otherwise without preventing it from being a light-hearted action flick. On this front the film delivers nicely: the villains are thoroughly villainous, the team are heroic and ingenious, and the machine guns fire the sort of magic bullets that never hit innocent bystanders.

The story begins some time before the series, so it’s 45 minutes before we see the Team in their “fugitives from the military” role. Nonetheless the plot is convincing and engaging  and has some good twists and some fine set pieces, as well as a few good laugh out loud moments. The ending is a bit of a disappointment, dramatically, but is what it has to be to segue into the series.

Uncomfortable Plot Summary: Combat veterans destroy dock yard pursuing personal vendetta.

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