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That Dinner Party Menu in Full

This post is a thank you and a sort of FAQ for the Anti-Austerity Dinner Party. It was a real pleasure to cook for you all and even more so to get to know a few people a bit better. I hope everyone had as great an evening as I did. A big thanks to Julian for all his hard work arranging the evening.

A few people asked questions about the menu, so here are the answers:

First course – Asparagus on toasted oat blinis with truffle hollandaise – The blinis were made using a mixture of wholemeal flour, plain flour and toasted ground porridge oats rather than the usual mix of plain and buckwheat flour. The hollandaise used 4 egg yolks and about 100ml of truffle oil. Actually, it curdled, but I think this was my clumsiness rather than a problem with the proportions.

Second course – Venison and Winter Vegetable Soup – This was a stewing cut of venison casseroled for about 2 hours in red wine with onion, garlic, carrots, leek, swede and parsnip, with some parsley, bay and cranberry sause. The rustic bread rolls were made from recipes in this book.

Third course – Brandy marinaded scallops and parma ham on cajun polenta cake.

Fourth course – Squid ink linguini with salmon, caviar and quails egg – the idea with this one was to do something like spaghetti carbonara without cream. The salmon was mixed with oil which has been blended with a few anchovy fillets and some thyme so it would coat the pasta.

Fifth course – Pot roast pheasant with roast potatoes – This was basically a casserole using a lot of the same ingredients as the soup – red wine, onion (red and white), garlic, carrots, leek, swede and parsnip, seasoned with herbs de provence (a gift from Rowan and Nick). The roast potatoes were just made with vegetable oil.

Sixth course – Glaces de fruits d’hiver dans un pot en plastique – This was built up in the plant pot using a thin layer of chocolate sponge which just serves to hold a length of drinking straw the height of the pot; then three layers of ice-cream (cherry, blackcurrant and rasberry) topped with ground oreo cookies (thanks to Nathan for those). The “money trees” stuck in the middle were thanks to Andrzej.


If you visit Evans or Cheese Hamlet, Axon’s butchers (on the same block) is also worth a visit.


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  1. Daniel Hill says:

    Wow! What a fantastic meal!

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