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I Tried to Write a Poem Once

I tried to write a poem once
It wasn’t very good
It didn’t really scan very well
And it didn’t rhyme, either.

I was fortunate to be at an amazing wedding recently, where the father of the bride got everyone involved by handing out various readings, short and long, for the guests to perform during the cermony. It was really quite beautiful and a wonderful way to bring us all together. That said, I was sat in Cynics Corner and the idea did cross our minds to say “I’m afraid I’ve lost my reading, but here’s a limerick I heard in the pub last night: There once was a Bishop of Buckingham…”

We didn’t, obviously. But it gives me the excuse to come clean and admit that I do write poems occasionally. I have tried to kick the habit but occasional relapses are inevitable. Here’s the latest – not an optimistic ditty, but I quite like it.

Addicted to meaning
We surf the world
Hearing, smelling
Watching but not seeing
Seeking a perfect moment
A sunrise over water
Distant music
The scents of a long
Forgotten market
Kisses and embraces
Affirm our lives
Fill us momentarily
While the quest calls us on
Bluer skies
Stiller dawns
The call to prayer
Over white painted houses
The chimes of the monestary
In the warm midnight rain
Everything evocative
Yet nothing to evoke
Our lives are as empty
As the journals we keep
And kisses and embraces
Never touch us, never fill
The painful yearning hunger
For a moment of absolute


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One Response

  1. JJ says:

    Just wonderful!
    Keep on writing!

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