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Film Log: Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang

Less subtle and genteel than its predecessor, this film doesn’t have a very promising start, with the Austen-like feel of the first film replaced with unsympathetic pantomime characters and jokes about poo. Nonetheless it wins us over with the same warmth and good humour that stops short of smatlz and sentiment. It would be unfair to say that this film is a “dumbing down” but it is wax crayon where the first was coloured pencil, and dayglo where the first was watercolour. In the end, though, this serves to make it more accessible for younger viewers – and I have to say that if I were five years old, I would have found this film completely delightful rather than merely enjoyable.

Both films show Nanny becoming less disfigured as she teaches the children their lessons. This is, perhaps, a way of showing her transformation in the childrens’ eyes, but it seems more like the old fairytale saw of her being healed through as her good deeds with the children atone for past sins. Given that she finished the first film a radiant picture of beauty, this rather raises the question of what she was up to in the interim.

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