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Further Uncomfortable Plot Summaries

These aren’t a patch on the originals, but I thought they were worth a go:

  • Alice in Wonderland: Unstable teen spoils engagement party
  • Codename: The Cleaner: Ethnic minorities duped into doing government dirty work
  • Daybreakers: Pharmaceutical executive spearheads radical blood donation programme
  • Eagle Eye: Supercomputer becomes radical Democrat
  • Gamer: TV broadcast ends badly for software billionaire
  • Moon: Artificial life form wins sympathy of android, escapes controlled environment
  • Night of the Demon: Foreign visitor offers unlikely explanation for railway accident
  • Pontypool: Government over-reacts to local radio health broadcast
  • Seven Percent Solution: Cocaine addict hijacks train, assaults foreign dignitaries
  • St Trinian’s II: School treasure hunt wrecks matinee
  • Surrogates: Policeman with self-image problems destroys peaceful social order
  • The Fantastic Mr Fox: Aging thief causes trouble for whole community
  • The Informant!: FBI agents discover some people dishonest
  • The Men Who Stare at Goats: Aging hippie rejects young reporter for older rival
  • The Orphanage: Inadequate household storage leads to suicide
  • The Prisoner: Poor succession planning leads to kidnap, murder
  • The Vampire’s Assistant: Entertainers killed in adolescent spat
  • The Wolfman: Antiques dealer wins trust of brother-in-law, shoots him
  • Zombieland: Vigilantes take over funfair, slaughter plague victims

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