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Film Log: The Informant!

Details here

Enjoying this film probably means giving it more attention than it really deserves. It begins as a standard corporate whistleblower drama and ends up as a portrait of bipolar disorder, but the shift is subtle and it’s never clear quite which direction the film is going to go in – you have to watch carefully to keep on top of what’s going on but there’s little in the script that merits doing so.

The material – both corporate and medical – could provide some very dark comedy but instead the film goes for something shallower, inviting us to laugh at the protagonist first as the ingenue and later the madman. Our sympathies inevitably waver throughout so there’s no dramatic punch to any of the many twists and turns. Matt Damon gives a fine performance but somehow the camera seems to slide off him for most of the film, perhaps hoping it can slink off and no-one will notice.


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