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Film log: Daybreakers

Details here.

This film has a lot of clever ideas, but never really makes anything of them. The central conceit of a world dominated by vampires but running out of humans to provide blood is relatively novel (and that’s no small claim for a vampire film) although it makes no actual sense (since there is no reason for supply to decrease or demand to increase). It provides scope, though,  for allegorical references both to the nature of modern capitalism and the peak oil problem, neither of which the film capitalises on. It plays with themes about the bestiality of the vampire nature, but never really puts them into context; at one point there is what feels like a reference to the Bosnian rape camps, but again, nothing is done with it.

The central weakness of the film is that the protagonist is a vampire who is opposed to the farming of humans. It’s a bit like watching a film about a vegan working for McDonald’s – we get the point, but we don’t exactly feel for them. Although he does some mildly heroic things towards the end of the film, he’s basically a whiner, and indeed, none of the vampires in this film have the magnetism or self-assurance of the typical breed. Nonetheless, the film has a distinctive and appealing look and we do get to see Sam Neill decapitated and eaten in an elevator, and that makes up for a lot.


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