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Film log: The Vampire’s Assistant

Details here.

Based on the Darren Shan novels, this film strikes a good balance between the demands of a gothic horror fairytale and the age of its audience. Visually reminiscent of David Lynch, it has an atmosphere of creepiness which is understated but nonetheless sincere and provides a nice backdrop to the traditional fairytale elements of the teenage boy who discovers his destiny and, in an appropriately chaste way, gets the girl.

The violence is more explicit than in Potter or Narnia, but this is still positively a kid’s movie. It’s a little too slow-paced and dialogue-centric to provide real suspense or excitement for a grown-up audience, but it’s fun and engaging in much the same way as the early Potters.

Perhaps it’s because Shan comes from this side of the Pond, or perhaps its my own prejudices, but I couldn’t help think of how the film would look with a British cast: Alexi Sayle as Mr Tiny, Rick Mayall as Murlaugh, Frances De La Tour as Gertha Teeth… We’ll never know how that would have panned out, but it’s an interesting thought.


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