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Film log: Night of the Demon

Details here.

This 1957 horror made a huge impression on me as a child, and I re-watched it recently after reading an interesting, but utterly inaccurate, account of the differences between the US and UK editions. The basic idea of a curse which has to be passed on before a deadline (one picked up by Douglas Adams in Dirk Gently) probably has more potential for suspense than this film realises, and IMHO it’s worthy of a remake.

As you’d expect from something of this vintage, it’s a bit slow and clunky compared to modern offerings, but if you want a bit of comfort horror to go with your Friday night cocoa you could do much worse. There are some genuinely creepy moments and some fine acting in the final minutes as the villain gets his come-uppance. There’s even the obligatory actor-wrestling-with-stuffed-animal scene. Definitely one to watch with the lights out.


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